Q: Is booking a trial required?

A: No. You are not required to schedule a trial. However, I highly recommend them in order for the bride to "try on" her desired wedding day look and any adjustments be made pre-wedding day. Should the bride prefer to not have a preview, I do ask that photos of desired hair and makeup looks be sent.

Q: How should I prepare for my trial?

A: I suggest bringing any accessories you will be wearing on your wedding day. Arrive in a white shirt with dry hair and a clean face. I also suggest pinning some photos of inspiration for your look. Try to find photos of people that have similar features as you.

Q: Can you service large bridal parties?

A: Yes! I have a team of talented and trained artists so we can accommodate just about any size party. 

Q: How does the morning of the wedding day work if I book BTB?

A: About 8 weeks before the wedding I will create a hair and makeup timeline so the morning of everything runs smoothly and on time. 

Q: Do you travel to destination weddings?

A: I sure do! Please inquire for travel pricing.

Q: How can I secure BTB for my wedding day?

A: I require a signed contract and $150 non refundable deposit.
That deposit gets applied to your final balance.

Q: Do lashes come with my makeup application or are they an extra cost?

A: All my prices will always include lashes. Lashes can make the biggest difference in the overall makeup look so I never want people to turn away lashes for fear of an extra cost. I offer several different styles that are included as well as other styles like mink lashes that are an extra cost.

Q: Do you have a studio? Do you come to me? 

A: Yes and yes! I typically do consultations, trial runs, bridal / engagement portrait hair & makeup and all other "pre-wedding" appointments in-studio, However I am also available to come on site to you for those appointments. 

Q: How early should I book you for my wedding?

A: As early as possible! Seriously, it's never too early! People tend to book me 6-18 months out and I get booked pretty quickly. Your day still may be available though as soon as a few months out so shoot me an email and let's see if we'd make a good match for your big day! If the timing is right, sometimes I am able to do two weddings in the same day! 

Q: What kind of inspirational photos should I be looking for?

A: Thanks to social media, you have so many wonderful resources to find the perfect wedding day look. The best advice I can give you is to make sure you are looking at photos of women who's hair resembles your hair color, texture, density, and length. For example, if you have dark colored hair, DO NOT look at photos of blondes. Blonde hair shows so much more detail and it is easy to be attracted to a certain hairstyle because of that, which gives you an unrealistic expectation of the final result no matter how talented your hairstylist is. Also, if your hair is fine and you do not plan to purchase hair extensions, please do not show your stylist photos of gigantic braids. The same can be said for makeup. If you have brown eyes, make sure you are looking at photos of women who also have brown eyes (not blue or green), who also are in the same age range as you, and who have the same coloring as you. Although as artists we are able to work some magic, at the end of the day we want to make sure you have a realistic expectation and leave happy with your results.

Q: Can I pay for you only to do my eye makeup?

A: My #1 goal is to give my clients the look they want and I'm willing to work with anyone who may have skin sensitivities. Anyone who tends to breakout with new makeups or have rashes that are irritated by makeup may bring their own skin makeups to our sessions and we will work together. I want no one feeling left out of the makeover experience.

That being said, I do not perform "eye only" services as a regular offering and no discounts are offered for having your eyes only done. This is because every makeup job I do represents myself and my abilities to a certain extent and I feel uncomfortable doing an incomplete job. As i said above, however, I am flexible when it comes to sensitive skin types.

Q: Do you recommend having the stylist/artist stay for the entire day?

A: When the bride hires their stylist/artist to stay for touchups until the start of the reception there is an extra sense of peace throughout the day. The wonderful thing about having your stylist/artist stay for touch-ups or hair/makeup changes, is that your photographer and your bridal party gets to just do their job. During photos your stylist/artist will be there to fix stray hairs, make sure your makeup is in place, and essentially act as a personal assistant for you so your photographer isn't wasting time in-between snapping photos to adjust anything. Your stylist/artist should also make sure you are aisle ready for your ceremony, and looking great right before you enter your reception. This option is especially great during hot summer months!